IPL Teams Against The Proposed Change In The Match Timings

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Star India has been selected as the official broadcaster of the upcoming IPL, this season. However, it was due to the broadcaster request to the BCCI for changing the match timings that several news had been coming for a modified time table. Also, it was additionally being heard off that the major IPL governing councils have accepted this principle during the last meeting held in Bengaluru.

There had been number of highlights coming up in this case. Currently, the most recent upcoming news says that the eight IPL franchises have raised a dissent in this concern. They have informed the veteran cricket body of India, the BCCI about their disagreement for the proposed changes in the match timings as requested by the broadcasters. They aren’t satisfied with the new match commencement timings for all the matches to be played during this 11th season of the tournament.

Star India’s request for the match timings change to the official IPL broadcaster seems to go in vain with this one-hand disagreement of the eight franchises. The BCCI further received the franchises’ view point for further process. But, it came to the notice that all the eight franchises were sticking to the same decision of striking off this request and remain with the same traditional start timings, as scheduled, earlier. The proposed changes requested the 8pm match to be shifted to 7pm and the 4pm matches had to be postponed to 5:30 pm. But, with the new disagreement coming in picture, let’s wait and watch till the final verdict comes out.

One of the franchise officials in conversation with the media said, “There will be no problem on days with just a single match but there will be a big one when there are doubleheaders. They won’t get the complete three-hour quota and instead will have to share it with two matches. The overlap will result in one-and-a-half hours of each IPL match losing out on viewers.”

There was another proposal of advancing the 4pm match by an hour but, the franchises aren’t agreeing with either of these ideas. However, the IPL chairman, Rajeev Shukla said that the final decision on this matter will soon be discussed for a final decision.