Rain left match abandoned without even a toss between Namma Shivamogga vs Bellary Tuskers

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The 4th day match between the Namma Shivamogga vs. Bellary Tuskers got washed away with the nature’s call. Falling on a full momentum oriented pace, rain disrupted the entire match. In fact, it went so vulnerable that things had to be called off even without the initial toss. Rains barricaded even the captains from steeping on the ground for the tossing ceremony as well. Leading to the non-compromised down showers, everything had to be cancelled.

The rain was bucketing down at a high pace and finally the official announcement on no play today came out leading to the match abandonment even without a toss and a single ball being bowled. At 8:21 pm the umpires finally took this hard decision on postponing the day’s game as the things were turning even worse every minute. The mutual decision was taken after taking both the teams into account and sharing their points of concern hoping the weather to be favourable. 

However the news on drizzles of rain striking the stadium was upcoming ever since 6:50 pm and finally by 7.05pm it started raining pretty heavily. The toss was initially delayed due to the drizzle and had to be finally cancelled with the heavy rains pouring down, continuously. The last match played was an absolute thriller and people were expecting some more adventure with the first match between Namma Shivamogga and Bellary Tuskers, today but everything went in vain with the rains on the go. It could definitely have been a great match if played as both the teams are plentiful of great potential. There were enough expectations from the pace bowlers of both the teams as they own a few awesome potent in this regard. Everything remained just an expectation with the last day’s natural blockage. 

Teams List for the match:

Bellary Tuskers (From): KB Pawan, Zahoor Faroqui, Amit Verma(c), Anil I G, CM Gautam(w), Abhinav Manohar, Bhavesh Gulecha, Dinesh Borwankar, Nishant Shekhawat, Prateek Jain, Zeeshan Ali Sayeed, Kunal Kapoor, Daivik Vishwanath, Rohan Kadam

Namma Shivamogga (From): Abdul Majid, Pradeep T, Sarfaraz Ashraf, Balachandra Akhil(c), Rongsen Jonathan, Sadiq Kirmani(w), Abrar Kazi, Nihal Ullal, Aditya Somanna, Liyan Khan, Shoiab Manager, Mashooq Hussain, Chiranjivi G S, K Hoysala, Anirudha Joshi