Bhat becomes the first bowler in the sixth edition of Karnataka Premier League to claim the purple cap

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Proclaiming a list of adventurous matches being played in the current series of the Karnataka Premier League 2017, there is pretty much to witness more than cricket. Team play, team work and outspoken hard work are top among the list. 

Since the last few matches that have been played on the Karnataka grounds, the players have been contributing their sweat and blood to win the day’s match. Much of this has been prevalent all through the last few days’ matches. 

Abhishek Bhat, one of the top players from the Bengaluru Blasters has proved his sweat and blood contribution for his team in the last few days.While playing in a match, the Bengaluru Blastersscored 102 runs for 8 in 20 overs against Hubli Tigers, who managed to win with  103 for 8 in 19.1 overs, it was Abhishek who won the hearts. 

Abhishek Bhat’s brilliant performance of 5 for 20made him emerge as the first player of thetournament to claim the purple cap. Playing against the determined defence of their 102 for 8in the S.D.N.R Wadiyar ground in Mysuru on this Wednesday (6 September), even though Hubli crossed the target in just 19.1 overs, concluding the match for 103 for 8 with a two-wicket win, it was Bhat who won the hearts.

He has eventually become the first bowler in this edition to claim the purple cap as he picked up consecutive wickets with his awesome medium-pace bowling. Taking of the wickets of Mayank (10),  K Siddharth , and many other major fish of the game he finally claimed this outstanding performance. With this the Hubli were slowed down to 34 for 5, still it was their game and solely Bhat’s day. 

Proved as a gemstone from the Bengaluru side, Bhat kept on his incredible patient, and his reward came through, gradually . Following the same, he probed outside off to Vinay and took off his precious wicket of the match coming to an average of 5 wickets for 20 runs.